Michael Bisping Names The Biggest Cheat In UFC History

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Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has named a former opponent as the dirtiest fighter in UFC history.

The usage of performance enhancing drugs was common among UFC fighters before the promotion started subjecting its competitors to drug testing through USADA, the United States Anti-Doping Agency. Top drawer fighters like Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Brock Lesnar, and TJ Dillashaw have all tested positive for banned substances.

Georges St-Pierre, who’s regarded by many as the GOAT, was one of the loudest voices against PED usage in the UFC during his reign as the promotion’s welterweight champion. Despite never testing positive for PEDs in his career, GSP remained on the receiving end of plenty of criticism from his peers suspecting him of cheating. Bisping also accused him of using PEDs in the lead up to their middleweight title fight in 2017, but later clarified that he was only trying to irritate ‘The Rush’.

Michael Bisping Names The Biggest Cheat In MMA

When it comes to Vitor Belfort, however, Bisping firmly believes that he’s the dirtiest fighter in UFC history, he said on his YouTube channel.  

“Rapsheet, steroid, hypocrisy, and more steroids,” Bisping said. “This guy is the biggest cheat in the history of combat sports… Listen, we’re not putting a ball in the basket, we’re not trying to kick a ball into the back of the net, we’re trying to knock our opponents unconscious. And if you know you’re taking steroids all the time, then I’ve got no respect for you whatsoever. You’re not respecting the sport, you’re not respecting yourself, you’re not respecting your opponent, you know the buying public.”

Bisping fought Belfort in 2013, when he lost by second round TKO, leaving ‘The Count’ with a detached retina resulting in a complete loss of vision in his right eye, which he blames on the Brazilian’s PED usage.

Who do you think is the biggest cheat in UFC history?

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