Daniel Cormier Explains Why Jon Jones Doesn’t Learn From His Mistakes

UFC 214 Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones
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Daniel Cormier has given his thoughts on Jon Jones’ recent arrest on charges of misdemeanor domestic violence and damaging or tampering with a vehicle.

Cormier and Jones were bitter rivals for many years. The pair fought twice at UFC 182 and UFC 214, with ‘Bones’ winning both times, by unanimous decision and third round TKO respectively, although their rematch was ruled a no-contest after the Albuquerque native tested positive for PEDs.

‘DC’ has held a grudge against Jones ever since, but despite the animosity between them, he doesn’t shy away from acknowledging his arch-rival’s accomplishments inside the Octagon.

As a person, however, Cormier doesn’t think very highly of Jones.

Jones Hasn’t Changed

Speaking on his DC and RC show on ESPN (as transcribed by MMA Junkie), Cormier said he takes some responsibility for Jones’ latest arrest.

“I said some things back in 2017 before we fought the second time,” Cormier said. “I spoke to mistakes and how when you make mistakes, they change you. Jones obviously doesn’t learn from the mistakes, but I also take a bit of responsibility because I think, in a lot of situations, you learn when you have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps. And I said on the ‘Countdown’ show before the fight, ‘the way Jon Jones makes changes is by losing to me.’ I didn’t beat him. Chael Sonnen didn’t beat him. So many people didn’t beat him. We never forced him to look in the mirror … because all his bad behavior still led to success. And so, why change it? Why change it? It’s unfortunate.”

‘It’s Actually Really Awful’

Cormier also said that Jones’ latest controversy reminded him why he disliked his former rival so strongly.

“I remember when I saw Jones and his family on the red carpet for the hall of fame, I’m so removed from that rivalry that I actually felt happy for him because his little girls aren’t babies anymore,” Cormier said. “They’re growing up to be beautiful young women and it looked like he had his family with him and he was going to be celebrating, and then he goes out and does something like that to remind me why I felt so strong about disliking him. Because you start hearing these things and it’s awful. It’s actually really awful, and as the details come to light, it’s actually going to be much more terrifying to think of the emotions that are tied to this whole thing.”

Jones was arrested last Friday by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, hours after being inducted into the hall of fame. According to released details, police were called by staff of the hotel, where ‘Bones’ was staying with his family, after his fiancée Jessie Moses was seen with blood on her clothes and face. The former UFC light heavyweight champion was picked up by the police, minutes after leaving the hotel.

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