Michael Bisping To Jake Paul: Beating You Up Sounds Fun

UFC Boxing Michael Bisping and Jake Paul
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Michael Bisping has said that he loves the idea of beating up Jake Paul in a boxing ring, after the YouTuber-turned-boxer challenged him to a fight.

Paul challenged Bisping to prove his fitness in order to earn a lucrative boxing match with him. ‘The Count’, who was among six fighters the entertainer shortlisted for his return in August, tweeted that he doubts ‘The Problem Child’ would go through with it because he cherry picks smaller opponents.

In response, Paul told Bisping to stop hosting his ‘struggling’ podcast and get fight ready by August if he truly thinks he would win.

Michael Bisping On Fighting Jake Paul

Speaking on his YouTube channel (as transcribed by MMA News), Bisping said that he doesn’t see Paul as a threat and would love to beat him up in a boxing ring.

“Do I want to fight Jake Paul? Listen, I had a great career,” Bisping said. “I’m very happy with what I accomplished. I’m happily retired. I’m very, very happily retired, but I do miss the thrill of competition. And I don’t see Jake Paul as necessarily a threat. I retired from fighting because I only had one eye and I didn’t want to risk my other eye. And boxing, the bigger gloves, against Jake Paul, again, I don’t really see him as a threat.

“So Jake Paul, beating you up sounds like fun. Of course, you are a big star. And God bless, well done to you. I’m not hating. You’ve done great things, all jokes aside…you’ve done great, you’re earning a lot of money, you’re a big star, you’re getting a lot of pay-per-views. And so for that reason, I probably would. I probably would. But we’ve been there before.”

Who do you think would win a potential boxing match between Michael Bisping and Jake Paul?

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