Dan Hardy Advices McGregor Not To Fight Sanchez Or Pacquiao

UFC Dan Hardy
Image courtesy of USA Today

Dan Hardy is not interested in seeing Conor McGregor vs Diego Sanchez, saying the fight would be an ‘execution’. The former UFC welterweight title challenger also believes “The Notorious’ would be better off not fighting Manny Pacquiao.

Dan Hardy Not Interested In Conor McGregor vs Diego Sanchez

Speaking to the media on Fight Island (transcription via MMA Fighting), Hardy said he didn’t feel that McGregor would gain anything from taking fighting Sanchez.

“It would be an execution to put Conor in there with Sanchez at this point,” Hardy said. “And I don’t think Conor would really gain anything from it.”

Hardy would continue to say that he feels McGregor is only pushing for the fight so he can stay in the headlines. The Irish superstar has also been lobbying for fights against Pacquiao and Dustin Poirier, as of late.

“Who knows what Conor’s thinking?” Hardy continued. “I don’t know. He loves a headline. And if a week goes by without him being in the headlines, he’s gonna do something outlandish to garner some attention. I think that’s what that was.”

Dustin Poirier Rematch

While a fight with Sanchez doesn’t interest Hardy, he is however excited about a possible rematch between Poirier and McGregor. Although ‘The Outlaw’ doesn’t want to see an openweight exhibition charity bout, however, saying he wants to see them fight in the UFC.

“There are lots of other good fights out there,” Hardy said. “[Dustin] Poirier being one of them, but I would like to see that in mixed martial arts in the Octagon, to be honest, at 155 [pounds]. It was a weird thing to do [to agree to Sanchez], and I think when you’ve got that kind of stature, you’ve got to be really careful who you’re calling out and how you’re doing it because it can really reflect badly on you.”

“Everyone Loves Manny Pacquiao”

A potential boxing match between Conor and Pacquiao also doesn’t excite Hardy. The 38 year old feels that the fight would end up harming the public perception of McGregor due to how well liked the Senator from the Philippines is.

“Conor fighting Manny Pacquiao is not gonna look good on Conor, because everyone loves Pacquiao,” Hardy continued. “It’s not gonna be great for his brand, and he’s gonna have to play the heel in that one, so it’s almost like he’s taking on that role a little bit.”

Do you agree with Dan Hardy’s comments on Conor McGregor?

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