Tony Ferguson Blasts ‘F***er’ Dana White For Slapping Wife

Tony Ferguson and Dana White

Tony Ferguson believes Dana White should be held accountable for slapping his wife on New Year’s Eve.

Dana came under fire after a video of him slapping his wife multiple times in response to her slap at a nightclub on New Year’s Eve went viral. The UFC president later apologised for his actions, while his wife also released a statement saying that their verbal argument turned into a physical altercation because they were both under the influence and what her husband did was out of character.

Tony Ferguson Blasts Dana White

Despite external pressure, the UFC bigwigs refused to punish Dana, who later said that the fact that he’ll be labeled as an abuser for the rest of his life is his biggest punishment. White’s explanation wasn’t bought by many, including Ferguson, who in a recent tweet said that “if this f***er treated his lady in public like that, how do you think he treats his fighters underneath”.

“It’s gonna take a class action lawsuit to let some these so-called untouchables get a taste of their own medicine. If this f***er treated his lady in public like that, how do you think he treats his fighters underneath,” Ferguson said in a tweet that has now been deleted. 

Ferguson himself was the subject of a 2019 restraining order from his wife, who claimed that he was going through a psychotic episode, where he went without sleep for three days and started tearing apart their house under potential delusions that “someone was inside his walls”. Ferguson didn’t cause any bodily harm to his wife or family, however, and the restraining order was dropped a month later.

Tony Ferguson is currently riding a five-fight losing streak and doesn’t currently have a fight scheduled.

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