Sean Strickland Reveals How He Almost Murdered A Man

Sean Strickland
Image courtesy of the UFC

If you think Conor McGregor’s death threats to Dustin Poirier and his family at UFC 264 were disturbing, wait till you read what Sean Strickland had to say ahead of his UFC Vegas 33 main event against long-time middleweight contender, Uriah Hall.

How He Almost Killed A Man

In a video shared on social media (as transcribed by, Strickland revealed that he was moments away from killings someone.

“For those who are wondering how I almost killed a man,” Strickland said. “I am at this gathering and I am probably running my mouth being an idiot. Next thing I know, this guy f***ing puts a shotgun onto my head. So my dumb ass punches him in the face. He falls down I take the gun and at that moment I am contemplating if I shoot this mother***er in the head is there any legal defence to it.”

Strickland didn’t pull the trigger however, as there were several other people present at the scene.

“Sadly, I looked around [and] there are f***ing witnesses, I thought if I killed this man I’m gonna go to prison,” Strickland said. “So I unloaded the gun, I gave it back and I walked away.”

Strickland Regrets Not Killing Him

What’s more disturbing is the fact that Strickland regrets not pulling the trigger and watching his ‘head splatter’.

“Moral of the story is man you almost f***ing died. And every day I regret the fact there are witnesses I couldn’t f***ing shoot you,” Strickland said. “But I also forgive you. I would have f***ing smoked him and enjoyed every moment of watching his head splatter. But there is no legal defence on f***ing shooting an unarmed man on his f***ing knees begging for his life. I wish I could have but I would have gone to prison.”

This isn’t the first time Strickland has raised eyebrows with his comments. Last month, he came under fire for his insensitive remarks about Palestinians.

The 30-year-old also threatened to smash his critics in front of their children, after a video of his controversial sparring session with Orlando Sanchez went viral.

What do you make of Sean Strickland’s disturbing remarks?

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