Stipe Miocic Vents Frustration Over Criticism

UFC 241 Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier
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Stipe Miocic has aired his frustration regarding the latest comments about his recent inactivity.

The UFC heavyweight champion is set to complete a trilogy of fights with Daniel Cormier this year but a series of unfortunate events have left him unable to fully prepare for their expected meeting.

Retina Surgery And The Pandemic

An initial delay occurred when Stipe suffered a torn retina in their last fight at UFC 241. The debilitating injury had a huge impact on Stipe’s vision and required urgent surgery. Miocic fortunately regained full vision several months later. However, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic closed all of his usual gyms.

Stipe has vowed to return to the Octagon soon but his absence has led to a barrage of criticism from his divisional rivals. Miocic shared his frustration in a recent interview with MMA Fighting.

“I don’t know what people want from me really. Everyone’s like ‘he’s holding the division’ and I’m like how am I holding up the division? Other guys are saying ‘we can train.’ Well, good for you. You live in a different state, you have different regulations.

“My coach, no joke, shut his gym down. He wasn’t taking any dudes, no one’s paying anything cause it’s not fair to everyone. They had a bunch of stuff outside the gym and a couple people, like five or six people were working out together, they were even six feet apart and someone saw that and reported it and he got cited by the CDC. That’s how strict they are. So everyone can just shut up cause they’re idiots.”

Cormier’s Impatience

Cormier attempted to lure Stipe into an early return last week with a message that suggested that the current belt holder should create his own training facilities.

However, Miocic isn’t open to any advice from Cormier.

“I don’t care. I really don’t care what his opinion is. Never did. Honestly, he says one thing and then contradicts himself all the time. Apparently I’m not a champ. He just calls his own shots. Whatever. Everyone else is talking. Saying vacate or defend.

“Whatever, I can’t make everybody happy or anybody happy. I don’t care at this point. Stop crying.”

DC has even offered to fight Francis Ngannou for an interim title, if Miocic doesn’t return soon.

The former first responder was called back into action when the crisis began and his civil duties pose another obstacle to his meticulous training regime.

Blaydes Added His Thoughts

Heavyweight contender Curtis Blaydes shed doubt on the champion’s duties via Twitter.

But Stipe has made it clear that he doesn’t care what Blaydes thinks.

“I don’t really care what he thinks. What am I supposed to do? We’re in a pandemic. What else do you want me to say? Even if I wasn’t a first responder I still couldn’t train so shut up. Stop crying.”

Cormier already holds one win from their first match up and Miocic says that he isn’t willing to rush in unprepared against his nemesis.

‘I Want to Make Sure I’m Ready’

“I’m trying to get back as soon as I can,” Miocic said. “I’m not trying to hold out. I want to fight. It’s not like I’m going three rounds. I’m going five rounds for the heavyweight title. Fighting a really good fighter. I want to make sure I’m ready.”

Do you think Daniel Cormier and rest of the heavyweight division should wait for Stipe Miocic to return?

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