Jan Blachowicz On Jon Jones’ Dispute With The UFC: He’s Not Quitting

UFC Jan Blachowicz

UFC light heavyweight contender Jan Blachowicz has won seven of his last eight fights. The Pole scored a first round knockout in his last outing against Corey Anderson, at UFC Rio Rancho in February, and has been calling out the champion Jon Jones ever since.

Jones on the other hand has engaged in a verbal dispute with the UFC president Dana White about his earnings, and recently stated that he is going to vacate his title. The champion even suggested that Blachowicz and Dominick Reyes should fight for the title next.

Speaking to MMA Fighting, Blachowicz stated that he doesn’t believe Jones will walk away from the UFC, and that he is still waiting for him.

“I’m just a little bit tired of this situation. I’m just waiting,” Blachowicz said. “He’s not quitting. He’s not going to retire. I think this is his game to make more money and this is it. But we will see what the UFC will do. I’m just waiting for the UFC moves and that’s it. We will see.

“If he quits, then I hope my next fight will be for the title against Dominick Reyes. This is my next scenario if he quits but I don’t believe that. I’m still waiting for him.”

Blachowicz understands that Jones wants to be paid more, but if he really quits, Reyes is next on the radar.

“Everybody wants big money. I understand that,” Blachowicz said. “We do this for money and for fun, also. It’s a job but everybody who is doing this loves doing this. But you also want to make big money on this business. I understand everything that they do.

“I think he’s just playing games. He wants to make bigger money and I don’t believe he will quit. But if he quits, Dominick Reyes is also a perfect opponent for me.”

With or without Jones, Blachowicz is convinced that his next fight is going to be for the light heavyweight title.

“Of course. If the fight is going to be for the title, I’m open for this. It’s also going to be a good fight,” Blachowicz said about a possible fight with Reyes. “My next fight will be for the title. I don’t know against who. I don’t know when, but my next fight will be for the title.

“It’s a mess. I’m just waiting to see what the UFC is going to do about this whole situation. I’ve gotten all my emails, my next fight will be for the title and I’m just waiting for the date when the government opens the borders and I can be in the U.S. the next day when they open the borders. So I’m just waiting for what’s going to happen next.”

Blachowicz is a little bit frustrated about the current state of affairs in the UFC light heavyweight division, but he will wait for the title shot either against Jones or Reyes.

“I’m tired of the whole situation. I’m tired of waiting but if I have to wait a little bit longer, then OK. I know how to survive this couple of months of waiting.

“But I believe they will not make the rematch between [Jones and Reyes]. I believe I’m going to be the next opponent for Jon Jones or Dominick for the title.”

Do you think Jan Blachowicz’s next fight will be against Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight title?

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