Darren Till And Robert Whittaker Both Think They Have Striking Advantage

UFC Fight Island 3 Robert Whittaker vs Darren Till
Image courtesy of the UFC

Two top middleweight contenders Darren Till and Robert Whittaker, are set to fight each other this weekend at UFC Fight Island 3. They have been having banter with each other in the lead up to the main event, and now we will finally get to see how this exciting matchup plays out.

Darren Till: Striking Wise Whittaker Is Not Even Close

Speaking at the virtual media day (transcript by BJPenn.com), ‘The Gorilla’ acknowledged Whittaker’s strengths, but also highlighted what he believes to be his own advantages.

“I think Rob is potentially, probably more of a seasoned wrestler, a little bit better in that department. Jiu-jitsu wise, I don’t know,” Till said. “Striking wise he’s not even close to my level, but I’m saying that and he could come in and show me something new and, ‘Pom, pom,’ and thats how it is. He’s meant to say that. Would you expect him to say anything else?”

Robert Whittaker: I Have So Many Dangerous Shots

Former UFC middleweight champion on the other hand, believes the opposite. And although he is well-aware of Till’s left hand, ‘The Reaper’ thinks he has a larger striking arsenal.

“His biggest threat is his left hand and he knows that as well. That’s where I think I match up so much better against him than he does with me because my biggest threat is too many of them,” Whittaker said. “I have so many dangerous shots, I’m so creative. I have so many angles I can exploit. He’s got his left hand. That’s all he’s got. Everything else I got covered.

“He runs that down the pipe and he’s so well at using it,” the 29-year-old continued. “I’m not taking anything away from him, he’s used it on a dozen guys and he’s knocked them out so I’ve got to be aware of that, I’ve got to give it respect, but I got so many angles he has to be aware of.”

Who do you think will have the striking advantage at UFC Fight Island 3, Darren Till or Robert Whittaker?

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