Dana And DC Think UFC 252 Winner Will Be Greatest Heavyweight Ever

UFC 241 Daniel Cormier vs Stipe Miocic
Image courtesy of Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic will face off for the third and final time at UFC 252. Come August 15th, when the two men face off inside the Octagon, it will be for more than just UFC heavyweight title.

Cormier and Miocic are tied at one a piece in their rivalry and with the accolades both men contain, this final fight will determine the greatest heavyweight in UFC history. Speaking to ESPN (transcribed by MMA Fighting), UFC president Dana White said that the winner of the UFC 252 main event will ‘definitely’ go down in history as the best ever in the weight class.

“The truth is going into this fight with all the hype, one of these two that wins the fight, definitely goes down as the best heavyweight in UFC history and they’re both candidates,” Dana said.

“If you look at what Stipe has accomplished and Cormier in two different weight classes what this guy has accomplished is one of the greatest of all time.”

Impressive Resumes

Considering what both men have been able to accomplish in their careers, arguing against Dana would be difficult. Before Miocic lost his heavyweight title via first round knockout to ‘DC’ in at UFC 226, the Ohio native broke the UFC record for consecutive title defences in the division, solidifying himself as one of pound-for-pound best in the sport.

Daniel Cormier on the other hand, was undefeated as a heavyweight, prior to making the drop down to light heavyweight, to avoid fighting with his close friend teammate, Cain Velasquez. ‘DC’ would go on to become the UFC 205lbs champion, before later becoming only the fifth man in the promotion’s history to win the belt in two weight classes.

Daniel Cormier: Retirement Plans

If the trilogy wasn’t already important enough, Cormier has also stated that this will be his last fight, regardless of result. With that in mind, the 41 year-old believes that only adds to the magnitude of the bout.

“I don’t even think the pressure comes from retirement or anything,” Cormier told MMA Fighting. “I think the pressure comes in what you just said — it’s the third fight. It’s the fight that ends the debate. There’s a lot at stake in this fight.

“Not only the heavyweight championship of the world but also whoever wins this fight is going to be remembered as the greatest heavyweight of this era and the greatest heavyweight in UFC history. This is a big fight. This fight has massive stakes.”

Dana White’s Preference

In most cases, the instance any UFC fighter begins contemplating retirement, Dana is the first to agree with them. However, that isn’t the case with Cormier.

“I hope it’s not. You know me, when it’s time to retire for guys, I’m the first guy to say ‘Hey, you should probably do it’.

“What’s crazy is Cormier is up there in age but he’s still one of the greatest of all time. Dominated two weight classes. I still think he’s got a lot left but it isn’t my body. He truly knows the answer to that.”

Who do you think will walk away from UFC 252 the UFC heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier or Stipe Miocic?

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