Colby Covington Calls Out Tyron Woodley For Fight On Dana’s Fight Island

UFC Colby Covington and Tyron Woodley
Image courtesy of MiddleEasy

Colby Covington and Tyron Woodley have been going back and forth on social media and in interviews since ‘The Chosen One’ was the UFC welterweight champion.

After Covington dominated Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 225, he was promised the next title shot against Woodley. However, when Usman beat RDA five months later, UFC president had a change of heart and gave the title shot to ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’.

Usman would go on to beat Woodley at UFC 235 and then defend his title against Covington at UFC 245. During this period, there has been no love lost between ‘Chaos’ and both his rivals.

After Khabib Nurmagomedov pulled out of the now scrapped UFC 249, both Covington and Woodley called each other out to save the card. However, Tyron accused Colby of turning the fight down

Speaking to Submission Radio (as transcribed by Asian Persuasion MMA), Covington responded to Woodley’s accusations.

“Yeah, that’s fake news,” Covington said. “You know, when that fight, when Tony and Khabib first fell out, well actually, when the London main event first fell out, you know, I was willing to fight on six days notice ’cause, you know, that’s how much of a b**** Tyron Woodley is. You know, he’s a little gossip girl, and he gets his feelings hurt. So you can only imagine what I’m going to do to him in the Octagon. But you know, originally, you know, I’m a main event fighter, you know, I’m not here to play second fiddle, I’m not a prelim fighter. That’s something Tyron Woodley should fight Dilbert on, maybe he can fight Leon Scott, you know, these are these people nobody knows who they are.

“When I ask UFC to fight Tyron Woodley on six days’ notice, ’cause he is that big of a b****, and I’ll expose him in front of the world on six days’ notice, I want five rounds to do it. I want to talk s*** in an empty arena to Tyron Woodley in his ear the whole time, as I’m exposing him in front of the world. And I want to talk s***, I want the world to hear, and I want to save the sport, and save UFC, and do this. But I want a main event, I want five rounds. So I’m not here to play second fiddle, I asked for a main event. You know, now I think a good spot to do it is Dana White’s Fight Island.”

After UFC 249 and all upcoming events were postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, it has left the UFC’s schedule in uncertainty. However, with Dana White stating that he believes his Fight Island will be ready in one month, Covington says this would be the perfect location to fight Woodley.

“You can see me fight very soon,” He said. “I’ve been training very hard, I’m in great shape. I stay ready as soon as the next fight gets made, I’m willing to go to Dana White’s fight island. I think it’s the perfect place for this. Main event on Dana White’s fight island. Let’s do this, man. Colby Covington versus Tyron Woodley. I’m gonna destroy him. I’m gonna show why he’s a gossip girl, why he’s on TMZ hiding from me all the time, why he’s faking these stupid-ass rap albums.

“Tyrone, come on, man, we know you’re broke and you put all that money in that rap career. Yeah, it don’t matter. I know you need a pay cheque. You need to come and take this losing pay cheque to me. Don’t run away, don’t go sign with some guy named Dilbert or some guy named Leon Scott. You need to come get that ass whooped.”

Woodley was scheduled to fight Leon Edwards at UFC London last month and has since called out Usman. Covington however, believes he has no chance of getting a rematch with the champion next.

“He’s not getting no rematch with ‘Marty Fake Newsman,” Covington said. “That fight wasn’t even competitive. He lost every second of it, he’s washed up, he’s f***ing s***. I’m not talking just as a fighter, I’m talking about as a person. I mean the guy is ugly, I mean the guy is f**ing just, completely pathetic, dude. Like, the guy needs to retire already, he’s washed the f*** up.”

While Covington claims the former champion is now washed up, he still wants fight him. Or more accurately, ‘eliminate Tyron Woodley from earth’.

“I think the most appealing thing to me about it is I can just eliminate Tyron Woodley from earth. We can take him out to this private island, and I’d leave him unconscious in his dead body, and then they can just throw his dead body to the sharks next to the private island and we can just never hear from him again. The guy’s a complete dirt bag, man. He hates America, he’s a f***ing communist prick. This is the easiest sell ever, man. This is personal between me and Tyron Woodley, and they need to let me get my hands on him locked in that Octagon. I promise you it’s going to be f***ing vicious.”

Do you think the UFC should make Colby Covington vs Tyron Woodley on Dana White’s Fight Island?