Sean Strickland Explains Why Israel Adesanya Struggled At UFC 293

Sean Strickland vs Israel Adesanya

UFC middleweight champ Sean Strickland has explained why Israel Adesanya struggled in their middleweight title fight at UFC 293.

Strickland beat Adesanya comprehensively at UFC 293, where he rocked him in the first round, before outstriking him for the next four stanzas. He is now scheduled to defend his belt against Dricus Du Plessis this weekend at UFC 297.

In a recent chat with ESPN MMA, ‘Tarzan’ reflected on his victory over Adesanya, while pointing out what went wrong for the former champion.

“You know what it is? At some point, we all lose.” Strickland stated. “Do I beat the South African? Yes. I think I beat him, I think I knock him out and bring him into deep water. But, at some point, we all lose. You can be like Izzy, laying in a bathtub with flower petals and you could have an entourage and people following you around.

“But, at some point, someone’s going to make fun of you for having sex with your dog. Then, you’re just going to crumble as a f***ing human being and get a DUI. That’s just not me because I’m level. You know what it is? I love my people. I love the fans, like I get such great people. But what do we do? What is my job? What do we do? I take my clothes off and do you see my face right now? This is just training. I shorten my life and beat the f*** out of myself for the enjoyment of people. What I’m saying you guys, is you’re never going to see my in a bathtub with rose petals, and tell you that I’m the greatest in the world. I’m just a f***ing idiot who goes and gets hit in the head for money. Currently, I’m the best at not getting hit in the head, but at the end of the day that’s all.”

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