Chael Sonnen Criticizes Jorge Masvidal vs Nate Diaz Boxing Match

Chael Sonnen on Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz

Chael Sonnen doesn’t like the idea of Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz facing each other in a boxing match.

Earlier this month, ‘Gamebred’, who retired from MMA in 2023, announced that he was making his comeback against former foe Diaz in boxing.

The two legends faced each other for the first time at UFC 244, where Masvidal dominated Diaz to bag the BMF title by a doctor’s stoppage at the end of round three.

Fans are excited to see the two battle in a boxing match, but Sonnen isn’t a fan of the idea.

 “I’m going to put up a thumbnail. It’s going to say ‘Jorge Masvidal’, it’s going to say ‘Nate Diaz’, and it’s going to say ‘Boxing’,” Sonnen said while speaking on his YouTube channel (as transcribed by MMA Fighting). “Those words will be included. I’m going to put it out, and I’m going to be audited publically. So, that the organizer of this event can see that number. He can read your comments, and he cancel this match. This is among, if not the worst, idea I’ve heard in a meaningful period of time.

“Unless your goal is like ‘Brewster’s Millions’, to see how fast you can go out of money. The only reason boxing survives on any level, this is from Golden Gloves to the pros… You keep finding a bigger fool, who’s willing to lose money. I don’t say that to put boxing down. I’ve spent my whole life and time doing two things, wrestling, and boxing, I love it… My one big question, who’s promoting this? Who’s putting this event on? The information I had is that these boys were going to box. It was going to be in March, and it was going to be in Vegas. That is mistake, mistake, mistake. Like anything in life, it’s the baseball rules. Any purchase, any decision you’re making. If you get three strikes, get out! Whatever it is!”

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