Renato Moicano Says Michael Chandler Is ‘Almost Begging’ For A Red Panty Night

Renato Moicano slams Michael Chandler for begging Conor McGregor

Renato Moicano believes Michael Chandler is ‘almost begging’ Conor McGregor to gift him a red panty night.

‘The Notorious’ and ‘Iron’ Michael coached opposite each other on The Ultimate Fighter 31, hoping to lock horns at the end of the season, but those plans didn’t materialize due to USADA’s intervention.

Nevertheless, Chandler has patiently been waiting for his chance at McGregor, which he might get at UFC 300, according to rumors. At New Year’s Eve, McGregor surprised everyone by announcing a return in June, a claim that was later denied by Dana White.

In a recent conversation with MMA Fighting, Moicano discussed the McGregor-Chandler fight, noting that the former Bellator champ appears so eager to face the former UFC champ-champ that it almost seems like he’s begging.

“Michael Chandler is so desperate to get this fight,” Moicano said. “He’s almost begging. He’s almost on his knees, ‘McGregor fight me!’ I just think that’s hilarious. We don’t know if that fight’s going to happen. McGregor is full crazy nowadays. He’s making videos eating food and he looks drunk or on drugs or something, I don’t know. But I like McGregor, to be honest with you. I think he’s funny. I think he’s entertaining. Michael Chandler is just trying to get the fight and it’s kind of lame, if you ask me. It is what it is.

“Chandler is saying, ‘Yes, yes, of course!’ On his knees all the time. [Chandler says,] ‘OK, I can beat you in any fight, I want you at your best version.’ F*** you, brother. You just want to fight him. It’s fair game. Everyone wants to fight McGregor. If they offered me the fight, of course I would want to fight McGregor. He’s probably the biggest name in MMA and probably of all-time. Everybody knows McGregor.

Moicano secured a crucial victory against Drew Dober in his lightweight bout at UFC Vegas 85.

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