Petr Yan Acknowledges Need for New Coaching Team

Petr Yan

Petr Yan believes that a new coaching team is necessary to instigate positive changes for his comeback in 2024.

Over the last few years, Yan has endured a challenging period, winning only one out of five bouts and currently being on a three-fight losing streak. He was scheduled to fight Song Yadong at UFC Fight Night 233, but he had to withdraw due to an injury.

In a recent XTRA MMA interview, the Russian shared updates on his current activities and revealed when he plans to return next.

“The health is great,” Yan said without elaborating on the most recent injury. “There’s no preparation at this moment. Yes, I am ready. I’m waiting for the information [from UFC]. I plan on fighting in March at UFC 299 … I’d like it to be someone from the top ten. It depends on the promotion, who they will choose. If they decide they want to make a particular fight, they’ll do all they can to make it happen.

“I know I should. I should try to modernize my training camp in some way, my coaching team. Change something, implement something new, correct some things. I’ll try to make that happen so you can see some changes in the future. It’s people, it’s sparring partners, coaching staff, it’s team that’s the most important thing. The new coaching team needs to be created, formed rather. The team I’ll be preparing with, that will be there with me at the arena, etc.”

Does Petr Yan need a new team to turn the tide in his favor?