Michael Bisping Reveals How Colby Covington Can Get A 4th Title Shot

Michael Bisping and Colby Covington

Michael Bisping thinks Colby Covington can earn a fourth shot at the UFC title with just one more win if he makes the right moves.

After nearly two years away, ‘Chaos’ made a comeback in the Octagon to challenge UFC welterweight champ Leon Edwards at UFC 296, where he lost by a decision. The loss was the American’s third in UFC title fights since he had already lost to Kamaru Usman twice before.

Although it seems like Chaos has a long road ahead for another shot at the title, ex-middleweight champ Bisping thinks that a win against Shavkat Rakhmonov could quickly put him back in the title contention.

“If they were to make this fight, there’s a big opportunity there,” Bisping said on his YouTube Channel. “Now listen, Colby has had his title shots okay, and I don’t think he’s gonna get another one. But this will blow your mind, if he beats Shavkat Rakhmonov, I’m not saying he gets a title fight, but if he beats Shavkat Rakhmonov, there’s an argument there. I’m not saying I agree with it but it if he was to beat Shavkat Rakhmonov, guess what? All of a sudden, you’re back in the discussion, baby, right? He would be, if you want to become the man, you gotta beat the man.

“But would he beat Shavkat? I very much doubt it. Now here’s the real question for Colby Covington, if this fight takes place, does he still have it? Does the fire still burn?”

The UFC is currently working on a blockbuster welterweight fight between Covington and Rakhmonov, according to several reports.

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