Max Holloway Hopes To ‘SHOCK’ The World Against Justin Gaethje

Max Holloway and Justin Gaethje

Max Holloway is eagerly looking forward to exciting opportunities as he prepares for his BMF title fight against Justin Gaethje at UFC 300.

Holloway made his lightweight debut in 2018, when he faced Dustin Poirier in an interim lightweight title fight, which he lost by a decision. The former featherweight contender is now getting ready for an exciting lightweight showdown against Gaethje, which many see as a significant risk for ‘Blessed’.

During a recent interview with Kevin Iole, Holloway openly discussed the intricacies of the UFC 300 fight, shedding light on why he accepted the challenge and delving into the potential implications for his future.

“Justin Gaethje looked like he needed a dance partner since Oliveira and Islam was booked at the time, and just threw my name in the hat,” Holloway said. “The BMF belt is great. Being right there at 55, being that 55 weight class is right there, only 10 pounds away from 45, I can do both classes. Why not throw my name in the hat.

“It’s options. I think a lot of doors are going to get opened, a lot of options are going to be open. We’ll see what happens. … First things first is the man in front of me. I got a dangerous guy in Justin Gaethje. But, we’re going to handle him first, and then after that, like I said: It’s just a game of options. A lot of things can open up after this fight. That’s what I’m focused on. Focused on getting my hand raised, and shock the world, I guess.”

Who will emerge victorious in the BMF title fight between Max Holloway and Justin Gaethje at UFC 300?