Jon Anik Takes U-Turn, Says He Is Not Leaving The UFC

Jon Anik

UFC commentator Jon Anik has backtracked on previous comments by saying that he doesn’t have any intentions of leaving the UFC in the near future.

In January, Anik shocked the MMA world by revealing that he was considering leaving MMA due to the ‘toxic’ fanbase. The UFC broadcaster’s comments rubbed many people, including Sean Strickland, the wrong way, after which Anik took to social media to apologize.

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Anik reassured fans that he’s sticking with the UFC and has no plans of leaving anytime soon.

“I think for me as a play-by-play guy, when there are myriad allegations of bias, or people suggesting that there’s a lack of objectivity, I got sensitive to that, but I shouldn’t,” Anik stated. “I’m certainly not sensitive to personal attacks and things like that. I really need to not be sensitive to allegations of bias, because 95 percent of the fan base felt like it was an even call and actually felt like at least half the fan base felt like Dricus du Plessis won the fight. But as Bill Belichick would say, it kind of is what it is.”

“I hope they extend my contract at the end of this contract, October 2026. If you want the exact date, I’ll be 15 years in, man. This is my life’s work. I’m not going to be that guy who sticks around forever and prevents a young guy from getting an opportunity. I’d be very surprised if I’m doing this in to my sixties, even if it is the greatest job on earth. But I have no intention of leaving in 2026. I think for a guy like me who grew up a New England Patriots season ticket holder in the 1980s when they were the laughing stock of the NFL, there will always be that NFL pull. But I don’t know if I can say it any more clearly, I have the job I want.”

What do you make of these comments?