Dominick Reyes Is Grateful To Be Alive Following Recent Illness

Dominick Reyes UFC

Dominick Reyes feels lucky to be alive following a deep vein thrombosis diagnosis.

‘The Devastator’ was set to face Carlos Ulberg at UFC 297 in Toronto but the fight hit a roadblock as it got canceled due to Ulberg’s injury. Despite efforts to reschedule the bout for March 30 in UFC Atlantic City, Reyes recently said that he won’t be able to compete due to undisclosed reasons which he now has revealed.

In an interview with James Lynch of MiddleEasy, Reyes disclosed that ongoing health issues are posing obstacles to his anticipated return to the UFC.

“Carlos and I were slated to fight on January 20. He pulled out. I don’t know why. An injury, obviously, but he’s not going to say what his injury is,” Reyes said. “Then a week later, I ended up getting blood clots. Deep vein thrombosis so I’m gonna be out for a minute… I’m lucky to be alive, that’s always nice. We caught it early so it didn’t become a pulmonary embolism and thank God for that which is kind of crazy because I got a massage while my leg was hurting. I thought I pulled a muscle in my calf, so I got a massage and that’s the worst thing you could ever do. I’m lucky I didn’t die on that massage table right there.”

Reyes’ health issues have added to the challenges he faces outside the Octagon. On top of that, he’s grappling with four consecutive losses inside the cage. Despite these setbacks, he remains determined and has no plans of retiring.

“No, I’m not ready to retire at all,” Reyes said. “Like I said to everybody else, the difference between me and most every other single fighter is my faults happened on a world stage when everybody was paying attention. I didn’t lose in the regional circuit, I didn’t make those mistakes in the regional circuit when nobody saw it. My mistakes happened in front of the whole world.”

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