Jake Paul Goes Off On Dana White: The UFC Is Falling

Jake Paul chokes out Dana White

Jake Paul thinks Dana White is losing sleep over the PFL’s acquisition of Bellator.

In a recent press conference, Dana criticized the PFL and their acquisition of Bellator, implying that he doesn’t take Donn Davis’ company and its business dealings seriously.

Paul believes White’s comments reveal a sense of vulnerability.

In a recent press scrum, Paul shared his thoughts on White’s remarks, hinting that the promoter might be worried. He also mentioned that the UFC isn’t putting out many big fights, while also highlighting Francis Ngannou’s recent departure as a cause of concern for the world’s premier MMA promotion.

“It’s a massive deal. Of course, Dana is going to say that to protect his business but the UFC is falling,” Paul stated. “What big fights are they putting on? Their biggest star and heavyweight champion of their organization came to the PFL for better opportunities. The fighters are going where the better opportunities are.

“That’s what 2023 and 2024 is all about. The PFL is the best place for fighters. So you know, ESPN is crushing it, massive numbers. They just keep on getting bigger and bigger, new investments infused into the company. So, [there are] just massive plans, massive things going on. Dana White’s concerned trust me.”

Paul made critical remarks against Dana White hours before securing a first-round knockout in a professional boxing match against Andre August in Florida. Boasting an 8-1 record as a professional boxer, Paul is also associated with the PFL and hopes to make his MMA debut in 2024.

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