Ian Garry Fires Back At Chael Sonnen: He Talks Out Of His Ass

Ian Garry claps back at Chael Sonnen

UFC welterweight contender Ian Garry has fired back at Chael Sonnen after the MMA legend criticized him for his withdrawal from UFC 296.

Garry was slated to compete against Vicente Luque at UFC 296, but the bout was canceled earlier this week after the Dublin native was diagnosed with Pneumonia.

Following his withdrawal, many including Sonnen criticized Garry, with the UFC legend in particular saying that he should have at least shown up at the media day.

“I just think there was a few ways to handle that,” Sonnen said. “I think Ian Garry’s got very good advice. He’s clearly had great coaches. Just by example: He’s a handsome guy, he’s well-spoken, he gets the game, his skills are top-shelf. His PR sucks. Not that it’s bad – it sucks. It’s terrible. I only share that because there’s only one thing you can’t do, which is nothing – which is what he did do.”

In an interview with TNT Sports, Garry gave an update on his condition as well as fired back at Sonnen.

“I can barely breathe,” He responded. “It’s upsetting, it’s irritating, it’s annoying because you guys know I love to fight more than anything. I’ve never pulled out of a fight, I’ve never had to be in this situation. But, here we are. We’ll deal with it the way we deal with everything, the best in the world. I mean, the truth is I’ve got what I’ve got, I’ll deal with it. Then we’ll get back on the horse and we’ll fight.

“That’s Chael talking out of his ass and making stuff up with his creative journalism license. He’s fine [he stated, referring to his son], he’s more annoyed that he can’t go and watch the fights. He loves watching the fights, he knows. I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m good, and going ahead with a full head of steam.”

What do you make of Ian Garry’s comments?