Chael Sonnen Suggests Juicy Matchup For Chandler With McGregor Potentially Out


Chael Sonnen has proposed a mouth-watering matchup for Michael Chandler amidst speculation about a potential Conor McGregor pull out.

Earlier this week, a UFC 303 press conference featuring Chandler and McGregor in Dublin was canceled last minute for undisclosed reasons. Rumor has it that McGregor is injured, as claimed by former UFC fighter Josh Thomson, who cited credible sources.

Daniel Cormier has also told MMA fans to brace themselves for disappointing news in the next few days.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding McGregor, Chael Sonnen is positive that the fight will take place. But if it doesn’t, then the MMA veteran would like to see a BMF title fight between Chandler and Max Holloway.

“I just don’t believe that a month in advance, whether it’s illness or injury or any other excuse, that Conor is gonna be the one to pull,” Sonnen said. “It would change the code that he must, as a human being, fiercly adhere to. But, I will tell you this, there will be no postponement of this fight. They either fight on the 29th, or we move on. Oh, and by the way, the show is still gonna happen. I believe Conor is gonna be opposite Michael Chandler, I’m very confident in telling you that. However, if he’s not, Michael Chandler vs Max Holloway for the BMF is the fight to book.”

McGregor recently posted a statement on X, apologizing to fans but promising them a spectacular show at UFC 303.

“In consultation with the UFC, today’s press conference was cancelled due to a series of obstacles outside of our control. I apologize to my Irish fans, and fans around the world, for the inconvenience and appreciate all your passion and support. I can’t wait to put on the greatest all-time show in the Octagon.”

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