Arman Tsarukyan Accuses Dustin Poirier Of Quitting At UFC 302


Arman Tsarukyan believes Dustin Poirier gave up against Islam Makhachev at UFC 302.

The lightweight title fight between Poirier and Makhachev at UFC 302 was an absolute WAR, with both men leaving a part of them inside the Octagon on the night. The challenger gave the champ a serious run for his money, and even busted him open with a gruesome elbow in the third round.

However, Makhachev was able to utilize his improved striking to trade shots with the American, until an ankle pick halfway through round five paved the way for a D’Arce choke that slept Poirier.

Tsarukyan suggests that Poirier’s defeat was more due to him giving up rather than any extraordinary effort by Makhachev.

“The first round went to Makhachev,” Tsarukyan told Outside MMA. “I thought, ‘Damn, this Poirier is a complete sack.’ Then I saw that Poirier turned on, and Islam got tired and the fight became more interesting. Poirier surprised me. To be honest, I was more surprised by Islam, why he got tired so quickly and couldn’t fight.

“As we know, Islam doesn’t breathe that well in five round fights. This is the second five-round fight and he’s giving away the endings. I wonder where Islam found the strength to choke, but I have a feeling that Poirier just gave up. In terms of being mentally broken. There were 2.5 minutes left. Why are you giving up your neck? Well, endure it, get over it, do something, but don’t give up. There are 2.5 minutes left, your last fight, this is the most important and last fight in your life. You take it and just give it away. I wouldn’t just give it up.”

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