UFC 250: ‘Sugar’ Sean O’Malley And The Bantamweight Killers

UFC 250 Sean O'Malley
Image courtesy of the SCMP

If you haven’t jumped on the ‘Sugar’ Sean O’Malley hype train already, you better get on board baby! ‘Rainbow Jesus’ (as my five year old son called him) is the real deal.

I’m saying it right now. O’Malley is the best fighter in the bantamweight division. Er..at least minus my dear Henry Cejudo…but we’ll get to him in a minute.

In what I thought would be an average fight card, this was the main event fight that I was looking forward to most. The interesting thing about this is that the world will not know because I don’t see there being strong pay-per-view numbers for UFC 250.

So please, give this man one more tough fight and then give him his championship belt. I’m ready to get the ‘Sugar Show’ on the road. Woot woot!

Oh Henry!

Please come back! It was a real kick to the gut when Cejudo announced his retirement, after his statement win against Dominick Cruz at UFC 249. My feelings were seriously hurt!

I will admit that before the Cruz fight, I wasn’t all that interested in Cejudo. Yes, he did beat Demetrious Johnson, but it was a close fight, so I still wasn’t overly convinced. Then he beat TJ Dillashaw but it was a hard weight cut for TJ. Yes, he beat Marlon Moraes…who? Yes, exactly!

Now finally he’s going up against my favourite fighter of all time, Dominick Cruz. I was freaking ready for ‘The Dominator’ to shut his mouth. Henry didn’t have a chance! Dom was taller, more experienced, elusive, and dominant against the wrestler type of fighter (ie: Urijah Faber).

But man, Cejudo stalked Cruz. He chipped and chopped away at his legs and shut everything he was doing down. He blew me away with his fluid footwork and movement. Yes, I think they did stop it a little early, but as much as it pains me to say it, it wouldn’t have mattered! King Henry had his number.

Henry Cejudo vs Alex Volkanovski?

I recently saw a tweet by Alex Volkanovski that nobody seems to be talking about it. Responding to a quote by Henry where he was expressing his interest in a fight with Volkanovski for his featherweight title.

Pleeeeeeasssssee can we get this fight!? Please Dana White? Sean Shelby? Nothing much else is happening in the featherweight division anyways.

And you know what? If Cejudo can go and win that fight. I won’t even mention him as the GOAT. He will be an MMA God!  

UFC 250: Bantamweight Killers

O’Malley, Aljamain Sterling, a refocused Cody Garbrandt…wow! The bantamweight division is turning into the new king of the divisions.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t that excited about this fight card, except for the O’Malley fight, but wow! Sterling and Garbrandt just put everybody on notice.

It looks like Sterling is next in line to face the winner of Jose Aldo vs Petr Yan, who are expected to fight for the vacant 135lbs title in July on Fight Island.

Now we should all start talking about a Garbrandt vs O’Malley. That would be a perfect step up for ‘Sugar’ Sean, to see if he is ready for the next level.

Amanda Nunes As A PPV Headline?

I know she’s not going to be a big PPV draw, but I love Amanda Nunes. The girl is an absolute killer.

She is a breath of fresh air, compared to the ugly attitude of Ronda Rousey, who I was never a fan of. I may take some heat for this, but let’s keep her out of the main event for PPVs. I believe a lot of people missed out on some of these great fights because they weren’t impressed with the main event.

Yes, she is the GOAT of female MMA. She is fantastic as a co-main event fighter, or even the main event of a non-PPV show. But sorry, she is not going to be a fighter that people get overly excited about as a PPV draw.

Whether Nunes headlines her next title defence or not, one thing is for sure, I wouldn’t want to be stood across the Octagon from the record breaking two division champion.

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