Cyborg Hit Out At Cormier After He Said UFC Gave Him $1 Million Bonus

UFC Cris Cyborg
Image courtesy of the UFC

Daniel Cormier has often been looked at as the essential ‘White Knight’ of the UFC, for singing their praises and being an all around company man for the organisation.

Cormier The Company Man

And it’s easy to see why now. While speaking on the ‘The DC and Helwani Show’ (transcribed by MMA Nation), Cormier revealed that the UFC paid him $1 million when lost to Jon Jones.

“After I had lost to Jon Jones, Lorenzo Fertitta gave me $1 million,” Cormier admitted. “Him and Dana gave me $1 million. They actually called me and said, ‘We are going to give you $1 million for the job that you’ve done.

“So when people say, ‘Wow you made $80 [thousand] to fight Jon Jones and that was a big pay-per-view…’ No, they gave $1 million,” he continued. “I didn’t get PPV [points], I was just a challenger fighting a guy who has defended his belt all those times.”

Cormier would go on to disclose that the UFC has always taken care of him and that is why he has always been the man he is for them.

“So when people talk about, ‘You’re a white knight for the UFC.’ Why wouldn’t I be? They changed my life.”

“You’re Paid To Shill”

While ‘DC’ was simply taking the opportunity to thank the organisation that has given him the platform for a successful career, the former women’s featherweight champ Cris Cyborg, who has a history of problems with the UFC and Dana White, took to social media to accuse Cormier of being ‘paid to shill’.

“When UFC moved UFC 232 from NV to CA on four days notice, they refused to compensate me for paid appearances I could no longer attend in Vegas. At UFC 240 they refused to buy my flights to the fights because I did camp in South Africa. I was the PPV co-main event. @dc_mma you’re paid to shill.”

UFC Cris Cyborg Deleted Tweet
Image courtesy of Bloody Elbow

The tweet has since been deleted but that didn’t stop Cyborg from firing at least one more shot before doing so.

UFC 240, they compensated me 5K to fight in the company uniform,” Cyborg claimed.

What do you think of Cris Cyborg’s comments on Daniel Cormier?

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