Tony Ferguson And Colby Covington’s Bizarre Shift from Enemies to Friends

Tony Ferguson and Colby Covington

Tony Ferguson and Colby Covington had a friendly moment at an otherwise fiery UFC 296 press conference earlier this week.

Covington and Ferguson won’t be facing off, but they had a bit of a back-and-forth at the UFC 296 press conference. The two initially engaged in a heated war of words but then flipped the switch on their British opponents, Leon Edwards and Paddy Pimblett. Here’s how their bizarre exchange unfolded.

Covington: “They came to see me and that’s it, I’m the A-side of this fight, they didn’t care to see anybody else, I don’t care who’s on my prelims, why would I care who’s on my prelims?”

Ferguson: “Shut the f*** up Colby, I’m the main event dog, I’m more American than you, homie, sit back.”

Covington: “Wow, this Benedict Arnold motherf****r, damn, Tony, I was rooting for you, I like America. I’m still going to root for you even if you are an American douchebag, but just don’t go out and lose seven fights in a row, bro. F*****g bum, F*****g bum”.

Ferguson: “Oh, homie you are in my weight class. Don’t forget brother, you are in my weight class, so you are next.”

Covington: “Kid, you are in the easiest weight class in the UFC, what are you talking about?”

Ferguson: “14-2, most knockouts, bitch.”

Covington: “Six-fight losing streak, bitch. You can’t come to a real man’s weight class, everybody knows ’70 is the premier division of the UFC.”

Ferguson: “Get Trump’s sack out of your mouth, bro.”

Covington: “Bro you must still be knocked out when you get kicked by Michael Chandler.”

Ferguson: “I might be, I woke up and realized how American I am man.” 

Covington: “You still seeing ghosts in your wall? Still, kidnapping your kids?”

Ferguson: “It’s gonna be the stars and stripes, they know they don’t belong here. Regardless if this f****r wins and I win we are going to keep that shit here, that was a compliment bitch.”

Covington: “I’m complimenting you, too, I’m rooting for you on Saturday night.”

Ferguson: “Alright, Colby, let’s f*****g do this shit.”

Covington: “Let’s go, Team America!”

Ferguson: “F***k yeah, America, motherf*****s, here we go motherf*****s.”

Covington: “Let’s go! Raise up, American revolution.”

Ferguson: “We are going to Paul Revere these assholes.”

Covington: “Damn right we are, f**k these redcoat motherf*****s.”