Tom Aspinall Defends Paddy Pimblett Against Online Criticism

Tom Aspinall and Paddy Pimblett

Tom Aspinall has jumped to the defense of his compatriot Paddy Pimblett, who’s been receiving plenty of online criticism lately.

‘The Baddy’ took on Tony Ferguson at UFC 296 in December, securing a victory by unanimous decision to earn his fifth consecutive win in the UFC.

While the Brit has managed to stay undefeated inside the cage, Pimblett’s issues like his weight and his tendency to talk smack without entirely backing it up has left fans unhappy with him.

In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Pimblett spoke about how all the negative comments from online haters have been affecting him.

“I’m trying to be a mental health advocate and tell people to speak out about things, then I’ve got people commenting on my posts telling me to kill myself,” Pimblett said. “I don’t sign into my social media anymore, I have other people running it. I send them what to put up, I can’t be signing into it anymore. I’ve had to take a step back from social media.”

Reacting to Pimblett’s comments, Aspinall recently told MMA fans to cut the British star some slack.

“He’s a good guy man, he’s good,” Aspinall said during a recent appearance on ‘Breaking Beard’ Podcast.  “I think he’s pretty misunderstood, you know? I think he was getting a lot of hate at one point, and I think he’s like – from my experience with him, I mean, I don’t know him, he’s not like my best mate or anything, but I’ve known him quite a long time at this point. He’s a good guy, yeah, I can’t say anything bad about him.”

What do you make of Tom Aspinall’s comments?