TJ Dillashaw Gives Bold Prediction For Potential Sandhagen vs O’Malley Fight


TJ Dillashaw believes that Cory Sandhagen will go on to win the UFC bantamweight championship if he can overcome Umar Nurmagomedov.

Sandhagen is one of the top contenders in the UFC bantamweight division, who is on a three-fight winning streak since dropping back to back close decisions against Dillashaw and Petr Yan. ‘The Sandman’ is currently preparing to face rising star Umar Nurmagomedov in a highly anticipated bout on August 3.

Nurmagomedov’s elite grappling and striking prowess make him the favored bet, but Dillashaw thinks Sandhagen has the skills to win, and if he does, then Sean O’Malley should hide.

“It is a tough fight (for Umar),” Dillashaw said on the ‘JAXXON PODCAST’. “I think Sandhagen should be champion right now. He’d beat O’Malley all day. I think that’s the toughest fight for O’Malley in the weight class. (If) Sandhagen gets through this fight, he’ll be world champion.

“This is a tough one for him to get through, though. I don’t like this fight for him. I hope that he gets through it. The guy he’s fighting is a dog. He’s a good wrestler – he can hold him down. It is very dangerous for both of them because Cory’s next up for a title fight (if) he wins this one. Umar’s trying to get to the top, and (now Sandhagen) needs to go back down a couple steps (for this fight). So I think it’s dangerous for both of them, but that’s what makes it a great f***ing fight.”

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