Sean Strickland Blames ‘Dirty Canadian Leftists’ For Dricus Du Plessis Loss

Dricus Du Plessis and Sean Strickland

Sean Strickland believes his defeat to Dricus du Plessis at UFC 297 was impacted by left-wing Canadians.

‘Tarzan’ went head-to-head with du Plessis in his inaugural middleweight title defense at UFC 297, where despite putting forth maximum effort, he fell short and lost by decision to his South African opponent. Many, including Dana White, later opined that they thought the American won.

In a recent X rant, Strickland gave his thoughts on why he thinks Du Plessis was favored over him by the judges.

“And man, I don’t wanna pull this card but when does the champ ever lose a close fight? When you’re in Canada with a bunch of dirty f***ing leftist.”

“Oh look another leftist “cancel Sean”. Americans don’t want PRIDE month, they don’t want STRAIGHT month. They want you to stay the f*** out of our lives. I have gay fans and I value their support. I support them. Be gay, be straight WE don’t care. You are the problem not US.”

Heading into his fight against Du Plessis, Strickland had clashed with a reporter over his past LGBTQ comments. The American fighter aggressively berated the journalist, telling him to “go f*** yourself” and criticized his stance on LGBTQ issues.

When asked if Strickland’s unfiltered remarks would have consequences, Dana responded by stating that he doesn’t believe in putting leashes on fighters.