Sean O’Malley Reveals How He Remains Calm In Big Fights

UFC 250 Sean O'Malley
Image courtesy of the SCMP

Sean O’Malley knows the trick to stay calm under bright lights.

The UFC bantamweight champion is one of the promotion’s top stars, who most recently headlined UFC 292, where he knocked out Aljamain Sterling in the second round to win the title.

He is now scheduled to defend his title at UFC 299 against Marlon Vera, the man who has the honor of handing the champ his first and only career loss. While O’Malley is focused on exacting his revenge, he thinks it’s just a small part of where he wants to be when all is said and done.

Speaking about his future goals, including trying his hands on boxing before wrapping up his career, O’Malley took a deep dive into his thoughts and examined different aspects of himself, including his mindset.

“If I didn’t have a fight coming up [against Marlon Vera], just knowing that date,” O’Malley said during a recent episode of ‘The Timbo Suga Show’. “March 9. Miami. Movie. ‘Chito’. Rematch. It just makes it so much easier for me to focus. I’m like, ‘Okay, that [fight] gives me my purpose.’ Not having that is hard. It’s hard. That’s done. It’s over. I knocked ‘Aljo’ out. No one gives a f***. It’s over. But even when I’m done with [fighting], it’s gonna be the same as how I feel now about the s*** I’ve already done.”

Emphasizing the impact of his mindset, O’Malley stated that without it, he wouldn’t be the person he is today.

“That comes down to meditation,” O’Malley said. “The more we can get better at meditation, it’s just…that is literally the only answer. The only answer is learning how to sit with your thoughts.”

As far as future goals are concerned, O’Malley wants to build a lavish empire before he retires.

 “At 45, I want to be a billionaire on my private jet flying from different cities partying,” O’Malley said.

Will Sean O’Malley succeed in achieving his dreams?