Sean O’Malley On Conor McGregor Beef: ‘He Realized What He Said Was Stupid’

Sean O'Malley and Conor McGregor

Sean O’Malley says he’s still a fan of Conor McGregor despite the recent war of words between the two.

In May, McGregor criticized boxer Ryan Garcia on social media for testing positive for ostarine after a win over Devin Haney. McGregor also mentioned O’Malley, who had tested positive for the same substance in 2019. Later, during a live stream, the Irishman softened his stance, saying he liked the UFC bantamweight champion and explaining that he had spoken hastily about Garcia’s situation.

Despite claiming to have resolved issues with McGregor privately, O’Malley has yet to have a direct conversation with the former two-division UFC champion. However, he maintains his admiration for the former champ-champ.

“I jokingly on my podcast said we talked, we’re good,” O’Malley told MMA Fighting. “I haven’t talked to him since. I’ll forever be a massive Conor fan. The biggest fan, watched his career play out, watched every single interview possible. I learned a ton from him. He’s a legend. That’s it. It is what it is.”

O’Malley thinks McGregor regretted his impulsive attack on social media, evidenced by the eventual deletion of the tweet. McGregor tried to justify his comments by linking O’Malley’s situation to Garcia’s, but there was no real basis for singling out ‘Suga’ Sean, other than his high profile at the time. Despite McGregor’s words, O’Malley isn’t dwelling on them or holding a grudge.

“I tried [to hate him]. I was like f*** Conor, but it is what it is,” O’Malley said. “I think he realized what he said was stupid. I don’t know why he tried putting me and Ryan Garcia in the same category, saying Ryan Garcia missed weight and it made him mad about me. It just didn’t make sense. I think he kind of realized what he said was stupid and then just backed himself into a corner.”

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