Sean O’Malley And Coach Warn Jorge Masvidal

Sean O'Malley on Chael Sonnen and Jorge Masvidal

Sean O’Malley has advised Jorge Masvidal to steer clear of engaging in a street fight with Chael Sonnen.

Masvidal and Sonnen recently exchanged words online after ‘Gambered’ criticized the former UFC middleweight title challenger for disputing with Ariel Helwani about Francis Ngannou’s recent boxing match against Tyson Fury.

In the argument, Sonnen accused Helwani of displaying bias against the UFC.

Following Sonnen’s comment, Masvidal defended Helwani and directed numerous insults at the 46-year-old.

Sonnen retaliated on X by insulting Masvidal, who responded by challenging him to a street fight.

In a recent episode of the ‘TimboSugarShow,’ O’Malley and Tim Welch discussed how a fight between the Miami native and Sonnen might unfold.

“Jorge was going in on Uncle Chael,” O’Malley said.

“Oh yeah, fighting words, like ‘Juice head, find me and see me in the street’ type s***,” Welch said in response. “A street fight? Chael’s 230 (lbs). Juiced up, very f***ing strong. He’s gonna take down Jorge, so Jorge’s gonna be fighting from his back… Head to head, I mean, Chael’s a f***ing beast bro, you gotta remember who he fought, and who he ran through. Like beasts.”

In short, O’Malley is advising Masvidal to set aside his conflict with Sonnen and avoid repeating past mistakes, such as assaulting Colby Covington outside a restaurant in Miami, for which he faced legal consequences.

What are your thoughts on the beef between Jorge Masvidal and Chael Sonnen?