‘Rampage’ Jackson Reveals Which Friend’s KO Loss Made Him Cry

Rampage Jackson

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson has shared a personal moment when he cried in his locker room after witnessing one of his friends get knocked out cold.

‘Rampage’ earned recognition as a standout in Pride FC, securing victories against notable opponents such as Chuck Liddell and Ricardo Arona. He later joined the UFC where he bagged the light heavyweight title, even though his reign didn’t last long.

While his time in the UFC had its share of highs and lows, including a short-lived championship reign, nothing made ‘Rampage’ cry as hard as he did when Michael Bisping got knocked out by Dan Henderson at UFC 100.

“I never cried, but me and Bisping, we was like brothers, especially back then,” Jackson said. “We’re not as close as now because some bullshit happened between our managers. Me, [Cheick] Kongo, and Bisping we was all like brothers. I never cried when I got knocked out, but when Bisping got knocked out the one time — it was him [looks at Henderson] — I cried in the locker room! He got knocked out that bad, I felt really bad. I’m almost ashamed to say it.

“I felt like, at the time, maybe I didn’t help him good enough in training or something. It was something like that, and I just felt bad for him. I remember crying in the locker room like what the f—k is wrong with me. Why am I crying? I never cry, it’s weird.”

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