Paulo Costa Promises To Bring Back Old Self After UFC 302 Loss


Paulo Costa has vowed a blistering comeback following his loss to Sean Strickland at UFC 302.

In his most recent fight, Costa suffered his fourth defeat in five bouts, losing to Strickland by decision in UFC 302’s co-main event. This loss adds to a series of setbacks for the former title contender, who was once recognized for his knockout ability and his fierce forward-pressing and aggressive style.

Since his loss to Israel Adesanya in 2020, Costa has adopted a more cautious approach, which obviously hasn’t done him any good. During the post-fight press conference of UFC 302, even Strickland accused him of ‘running’ because of his constant backward movement.

In a tweet following his most recent loss, Costa vowed to bring back his rowdy old self in his next fight.

“I will bring back the [old] Paulo to take heads off, to finish the fight,” Costa said. “I’m not that kind of counter [fighter], sorry, I’m not that kind of counter guy. I do better [when I] move forward and try to finish and look for heads.  I have the power, so I need to deliver that — and I will do that. I won’t give a f***. F*** points or conserving energy or f*** anything about that. I will come to take heads off. And this is who I am, this is the kind of fighter I am, and the fighter who people expect that I perform [as]. So I will do that. F*** points, I’ve [had] enough of this.”

Can Paulo Costa make a strong comeback following his recent comebacks?