Paddy Pimblett Calls His Critics ‘A Gang Of W**kers’

Paddy Pimblett eating habits

Paddy Pimblett has clapped back at his critics for referring to him as ‘Paddy the Fatty’ because of his post-fight eating habits.

Pimblett is set to take on Tony Ferguson upon his return from injury at UFC 296, where he enters with an impressive six-fight winning streak. The Liverpudlian fights in the UFC’s 155-pound division, but when he’s not fighting or preparing for one, he tends to balloon up to 205 pounds because of his love for junk food.

Many believe if Pimblett doesn’t mend his ways, he will never fulfill his true potential. In a recent appearance on ‘Energized Show‘, ‘The Baddy’ had the chance to respond to criticisms about his weight gain between fights.

“It’s rough lad,” Pimblett said. “It’s funny, people call me ‘Paddy the fatty’ and stuff like that but even when I’m a big fat b*st*rd I’m still in the gym training everyday lad. I’m still in there training, getting better, getting my teammates better but when you cannot train, it’s a killer. The injury was tough but obviously, me personal life, my friends, my family, and my wife now, got me through it all so like I say, I had my wedding to look forward to. Luckily enough, I got me boot off just before the wedding and then after that, I was back in the gym the start of June so I could start training again.

“Getting training again, getting fit, losing weight and as I say, people can call me fat and that but I think for the wedding I was about 86KG, 85 or something like that and then as I say, I haven’t went above that. I think my weight has been dropping down so call me unprofessional all you want, you gang of w**kers!”

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