Michael Chandler vs Conor McGregor For The 165-Pound Belt?

Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler wouldn’t be surprised if the UFC makes him fight Conor McGregor for the inaugural 165-pound title.

During the UFC 300 post-fight press conference, CEO Dana White announced the blockbuster fight between McGregor and Michael Chandler at UFC 303. The fight will take place at welterweight, which is 170 pounds, but there are also rumors of an inaugural 165-pound super lightweight title fight.

During a recent interview on The Mac Life, Chandler shared his thoughts on the rumors.

“That was one of the rumors as well, the 165 belt, obviously, that has not happened,” Chandler said. “Even me in this position, man, I would not be surprised if that bout agreement comes over and it says for the 165 title. You never know because the UFC has to keep a lot of things secret. Even to us, right? I mean, you saw Conor broke the announcement again before the UFC did it. I’m sure the UFC said, ‘Hey, don’t do it because we’re gonna do it at the post-fight press conference.’ In typical Conor fashion.

“They want to hold a lot of the information. We knew the date. I knew what the weight class most likely was going to be, and then they sent it over. It should be for a belt, but we’ll see if we can’t make one up. I think 170 is perfect. 155 is not easy to make. So, fighting at 170 is gonna be kind of a perfect camp, honestly. I weigh about 190. Getting down to 170 is kind of gonna be easy compared to 155, obviously. I think I’ll compete phenomenally there. I’m still gonna do the exact same camp. I’m still gonna get my weight similar to where I would be at 155, I just won’t dehydrate myself at the end. So, I wanna stay big, I wanna stay strong, wanna stay explosive. So, I think 170 is gonna be perfect.”

What do you make of these comments?