Michael Page Doesn’t Expect Kevin Holland To Strike With Him At UFC 299

Michael Venom Page

Michael Page doubts Kevin Holland will make the same mistakes he did against Stephen Thompson in their highly-anticipated bout at UFC 299.

After a recent victory in the Bellator cage against Goiti Yamaguchi, ‘Venom’ became a free agent, following which he signed with the UFC, where he is set to make his debut against perennial contender Holland at UFC 299.

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, ‘Venom’ said that he respects Holland, but he doesn’t think the American would want to stand and trade with him.

 “I know for a fact Kevin Holland is not going to want to do that agreement again after the whooping that he took against Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson,” Page stated. “I see myself as the faster, harder-hitting, more dangerous version of a ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson. He’s definitely not going to want to do that again. I’m happy to take that deal. If he wants to shake my hand and do that, we can do that. But I don’t believe he’s going to want to. He’s going to want to utilize as much as possible to deal with me.”

“…Anybody that wants to try to shoot for my legs, there’s a knee that’s right there that’s just triggering, waiting for that person to do that. We’ve seen the damage that can do. So it’s up to him… But I know my style by itself, without even adding any of the KOs or anything in there, is super entertaining for everybody to watch. Let’s say I don’t finish him, you’re going to see some crazy kicks, you’re going to see some crazy punches and some crazy interactions, and my hand is still going to get raised.”

Will Michael ‘Venom’ Page make a successful start to his UFC career against Kevin Holland?