Michael Chandler Unfazed By Conor McGregor’s Mind Games

Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler has said that he will wait for a potential clash with Conor McGregor.

Since signing with the UFC in 2021, Chandler has consistently challenged McGregor, and this year, it appeared his wish for a face-off was on the verge of realization. However, the bout was put on hold by USADA, as the Irishman was deemed ineligible to compete without re-entering the testing pool and completing a mandatory six-month period.

With growing speculations that McGregor might make his return at UFC 300, the MMA community is buzzing with excitement, but one man in particular is keeping his cool.

In a recent interview, Chandler said that he won’t let McGregor’s waiting game get to him.

“Just remember when they say things, maybe it’s true. Maybe it’s not true.” Chandler said. “Maybe they’re saying things just to make everyone speculate, and me, speculate. I’ve seen Conor talk about different opponents, I’ve seen Conor talk about different dates. I’ve seen Conor completely dismiss me, and act like the fight with me isn’t happening.

“These are all ways that these guys try to get inside people’s heads. Unluckily for them, your boy is bulletproof. We’re good. We’re staying with the plan, we’re right where we need to be. I’ve had a year plus now to think about and visualize knocking Conor out… He’s trying to wait me out, smoke me out. But I’m going to be waiting here, man. The greatest comeback in combat sports history, that road goes through one man. His name is Michael Chandler.”

Who do you think would win a potential matchup between Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor?