Michael Bisping Slams Kelvin Gastelum For Weight Miss

Michael Bisping slams Kelvin Gastelum

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has slammed Kelvin Gastelum’s unprofessional behaviour.

Gastelum most recently fought at UFC Saudi Arabia this past weekend, when he triumphed over Daniel Rodriguez in a challenging fight, where much of the attention remained on his ongoing weight struggles. The veteran fighter’s failure to make the welterweight limit led to the fight being switched to a middleweight contest at the last minute.

Despite his win, Kelvin Gastelum still faces criticism in the MMA community over his ongoing weight issues. For instance, Bisping, who otherwise enjoyed the UFC’s inaugural event in Saudi Arabia, suggested that Gastelum should reevaluate his situation and look for ways to improve.

“[Rodriguez] wanted to weigh in at 170 pounds, whereas Gastelum clearly wasn’t doing that throughout the training camp, so therefore you’re stronger, you’re more athletic, you recover from your training sessions quicker, and you come into the fight stronger and heavier,” Bisping said on the UFC post-fight show. “Both men had a tremendous fight, I thought Daniel Rodriguez should be proud of himself, [he] really, really pushed Gastelum to the limit. Gastelum — even though he was heavy — still managed to keep a good pace for 15 minutes. The takedowns in Round 3 were kind of essential because Rodriguez was starting to find the mark in the cage. It was a great fight, it really was, both men should be proud of themselves. But Kelvin Gastelum — regarding the weight situation — should be ashamed of himself.”

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