Marc Goddard Vows to Never Officiate A Leon Edwards Bout

Leon Edwards, Marc Goddard

MMA referee Marc Goddard has made it clear that he will not oversee any of UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards’ fights.

Goddard is seen as one of the top MMA referees, who has been involved in many high-level championship fights for more than a decade. However, he’d never officiate a fight featuring Edwards and for a very valid reason.

 “Leon Edwards,” Goddard said during a recent interview with Overdogs Podcast. “You’ve never saw me referee Leon Edwards in the UFC, and you never will. Why? Because I was Leon Edwards’ first coach. MMA. Way, way, way back when he was just an amateur. When Leon first walked into that gym as a raw amateur, a raw novice with no experience. Now look at him. UFC welterweight champion of the world. But you’ve never saw me referee him and you never will, because we’ll just keep it, I don’t want any hassle. I don’t wanna be put in a predicament where I’m making a call that could go against him. So, it’s both ways.”

Leon Edwards most recently fought at UFC 296, where he successfully defended his title against Colby Covington. He is now scheduled to put his title on the line against Belal Muhammad. The pair first fought in 2021, when their fight was ruled a no-contest due to an accidental eye poke.

Who do you think will win the rematch between Leon Edwards and Belal Muhammad?