Kevin Holland Knew He Was Going To Fight Michael Page

Kevin Holland and Michael Page

As soon as Michael Page signed with the UFC, Kevin Holland knew he was going to welcome him to the Octagon.

‘Venom’ inked a deal with the UFC last year and is now preparing for his promotional debut at the age of 37 against Holland at UFC 299, where all eyes will be on the the high-flying Brit, who was linked to the UFC a number of times in the past, but their stars unfortunately never aligned.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Holland discussed his upcoming bout against Page.

“Always being a fan of mixed martial arts, seeing a guy like Michael Page do his thing, it’s always been amazing. (He’s) coming over to the UFC a little bit later than I expected him to ever do, kind of thought he never would,” Holland said. “But, it’s nice to see him coming over and it’s nice to be the welcoming party… Tail end of your career, you just want to get paid, so, obviously he must be getting a pretty big bag to come over here and fight a guy like me.”

“When they started doing the back-and-forth on if ‘Venom’ Page is going to the UFC or going to one of these new promotions that are buying the old leagues. I had a feeling, if he comes this way it’s probably going to be me. So, granted it was me… You need a gunslinger, I’m usually the gunslinger you call, so figured it would be me.”

Who do you think will win between Kevin Holland and Michael Page?