Justin Gaethje Explains Why Max Holloway Is A Problem

Max Holloway and Justin Gaethje

Justin Gaethje believes Max Holloway is a seriously tough test for him.

‘The Highlight’ is scheduled to defend his BMF title against Holloway at UFC 300 and the outcome of their upcoming bout may determine the path to a lightweight title opportunity. Despite being the betting favorite, Gaethje remains focused, recognizing ‘Blessed’ as a serious threat that shouldn’t be underestimated.

In a chat with Kevin Iole, Gaethje revealed that he sees overcoming Holloway’s endurance and toughness as the challenges he’ll need to tackle.

“When it comes to being ready for Max Holloway, he is a cardio machine,” Gaethje said. “One way that he can beat me is to sustain damage and be able to put more pressure and outperform me in rounds three, four, and five, specifically championship rounds, four and five. Just like any other fight, the legs go first so I’m working on my legs, working on getting those in shape, my feet are special and when I can control someone’s feet it is very hard for them to hit me.

“Max is one of the best fighters in the UFC, he’s very awkward, and when you fight awkward, he’s not awkward in a bad way, awkwardness can be an ally for you in there, Sean Strickland a lot of guys find success with their awkwardness. The way they move a different way than they are supposed to move. I think he creates angles and he’s really long for being 145lbs, his reach is very long, his ability to counter-strike when you are done punching and be on you with pressure and punches is incredible. His experience is second to none.”

Will Justin Gaethje emerge victorious against Max Holloway at UFC 300?