Joe Rogan Has A Piece Of Advice For Elite Fighters Outside UFC

Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Joe Rogan is recommending top-tier fighters to join the UFC, suggesting that they might be wasting their time in other promotions.

Over the past few decades, most top MMA fighters have opted to join the Ultimate Fighting Championship. However, some fighters have also consistently chosen to remain outside the organization for various reasons, which include higher pay, incentives, and sponsorships. Whatever the reason, the UFC’s top commentator thinks they are wasting their time.

“No disrespect to the other organizations, there are very good fighters in the other organizations, but I often feel like they’re wasting their career,” Rogan said during a recent episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. “Because I see these elite fighters that are fighting in Bellator or PFL, and I’m like, ‘Hey guys, no one’s watching.’

“I mean, some people are watching. You’re getting a little bit of a fanbase. I don’t want to disrespect. But, there’s a reality. There’s the XFL and there’s the CFL, then there’s the f***ing NFL. And if you’re not in the f***ing NFL, are you really playing football? If you’re the UFC champ, you’re the f***ing man. If you’re the Bellator champ, I respect the s*** out of those guys. I love them. Guys like Johnny Eblen. I really wish that guy would come to the UFC. There’s this feeling of being in the UFC that everyone dreams of. You want Bruce Buffer right in front of you going, ‘It’s time!’ And you’re like, ‘Holy s***.’”

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