Joaquin Buckley Claims He’d Knock Out Georges St-Pierre


UFC welterweight contender Joaquin Buckley claims that he would knock out the legendary Georges St-Pierre in the Octagon.

Buckley’s recent performances in the welterweight division have been uber impressive with four victories in as many fights, including a recent win over Nursulton Ruziboev at UFC St. Louis earlier this month.

As Buckley continues to ascend the welterweight rankings, his confidence remains at an all-time high. In fact, he’s so confident that he thinks he would clean the clock of the greatest welterweight of all time in a potential fight.

Buckley recently asserted in a tweet that if he and St-Pierre were to compete in their prime years, he would secure a knockout victory.

“NGL, if me and GSP fought at the same age (30), I’d knock out the GOAT, TBH,” Buckley said.

Buckley’s recent bold statements have caused a stir, particularly upsetting Daniel Cormier, who responded with strong language on social media.

St-Pierre, regarded as the greatest UFC welterweights and fighters of all time, is yet to respond to Buckley’s claims.

The former welterweight champion, who retired after a victorious fight against Michael Bisping at UFC 217, ended his career with numerous records, including 12 welterweight title fight wins and a 13-fight winning streak. Buckley is yet to reach the same heights.

Who do you think would win a potential fight between Joaquin Buckley and Georges St-Pierre?