Jiri Prochazka Eyes Middleweight Move Following UFC 303

Jiri Prochazka, UFC

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jiri Prochazka is planning on moving down to middleweight after his loss to Alex Pereira at UFC 303.

Prochazka suffered his second defeat to Pereira in a bout that came together on just two weeks’ notice at UFC 303. Conor McGregor was originally set to headline the card against Michael Chandler, but an injury forced him to withdraw, paving the way for Prochazka and Pereira to step in for the main event.

Much like their initial encounter at UFC 295, where Pereira secured a knockout victory in the second round, the Brazilian once again overcame his Czech opponent in the second stanza, securing a second straight light heavyweight title defense.

In the most fight interviews, Prochazka addressed the need to make changes before making his next walk to the Octagon, and his top priority seems to be a move down to middleweight.

During a recent interview with TN CZ Sport, Prochazka’s head coach Martin Karaivanov talked about the idea of ‘Denisa’ moving down to 185-pounds.

“Personally speaking I see [middleweight] as a potential restart and a positive step,” Karaivanov said of Procházka’s next move. “He is also still at an age where he can cut weight to [185] relatively well. We will definitely talk about it. It won’t be my decision, but a team decision. Middleweight would make sense because it would be a new start, something new to focus on. A return to light heavyweight would make sense if and when it starts becoming difficult for him to cut weight to middleweight.”

Prochazka has never competed in MMA’s middleweight division, typically favoring heavier weight classes. A move to middleweight could position him for top rankings. At 31 and in peak condition, switching divisions could provide new opportunities to showcase his skills.

Would it be a good move?