Jamahal Hill Praises Alex Pereira’s UFC 303 Win Against Jiri Prochazka

Jamahal Hill and Alex Pereira

Jamahal Hill has praised light heavyweight champ Alex Pereira’s dominant performance against Jiri Prochazka at UFC 303.

Pereira successfully defended his UFC 205-pound title with a second knockout victory over Prochazka, following their controversial clash at UFC 295, after which the Brazilian slept Hill in a blockbuster matchup at UFC 300.

Although Hill believes he would smash Pereira in a potential rematch, he gave his honest thoughts on Pereira’s performance at UFC 303.

“Great main event, absolutely dominant performance by Alex from start to finish,” Hill said on his YouTube Channel. “I believe this is honestly probably the first that I’ve seen where Alex came out and won the fight from start until he got the finish. He didn’t have to come back and, it was still some adversity, Jiří still presented his challenges in it but he adapted and he made good adjustments. The adjustment that I seen that Alex made from that was the check hook. More so before, you see him in come like he steps in with that hook and he tries to land it leaning in and throwing his power forward.

This time we seen him implement it from more of a defensive and a counteractive manner in this particular fighting sequence. The first hook that he landed on Jiří, he hit him and you could see the eyes roll, you could see him get dazed a little bit. From there, he landed another one that kind of wobbled him, that kind of shook the legs a little bit and then he landed the one at the end of the round that put him out, that put him on his back. It’s beautiful adjustments bro, beautiful adjustments. He looked evolved, he looked like he’s taking more steps and getting better as a fighter.”

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