Gegard Mousasi Accuses The PFL Of Playing Politics With Bellator Fighters

Gegard Mousasi, PFL

Gegard Mousasi has claimed that the PFL is trying to pressure Bellator fighters into taking pay cuts after the PFL acquired its competitor.

The PFL acquired Bellator in November, 2023, signing most of his roster including champions and top-tier fighters like Mousasi, who departed from the UFC in 2017 because of Bellator’s higher pay. His most recent bout took place at Bellator 296 in May of last year, when he suffered defeat against Fabian Edwards.

During an appearance on The Jaxxon Podcast, Mousasi claimed that the PFL’s purchase of Bellator has been a real challenge for some fighters.

“I want to fight, but a little bit difficult with PFL,” Mousasi said. “They don’t honor the contracts. We’ll see. They think I get paid too much. When they took over the contract, Bellator fighters make more than the PFL guys so they’re trying to cut the — maybe put pressure, a little bit of politics. Let me not fight for a year then they can come and say, ‘Hey, take half. Stuff like that.

“When they took over, they wanted all the Top 10 fighters, that’s what they said. I think Bellator fighters are also the better fighters, but Bellator fighters also get paid more than the PFL guys. So now, they have to cut because they’re not making a lot of money. I think they want to be the No. 2 after UFC. They’re No. 2, I guess, but I don’t hear them making any money. Even ONE FC is like, if you look at it, ‘Oh, it’s a big show’ but they lose money all the time.”