Dana White Reacts After Jiri Prochazka Accuses Alex Pereira Of Witchcraft


Dana White has reacted to Jiri Procházka’s claim that Alex Pereira is employing sorcery and witchcraft to gain an unfair edge.

Prochazka gets a shot at payback this Saturday at UFC 303 in Las Vegas, not long after their last light heavyweight title fight at UFC 295, where the Brazilian stopped in the second round to win the belt.

Ahead of their highly-anticipated rematch, Prochazka accused Pereira of using witchcraft to win fights.

“Everybody knows he is working with some Shamanics, with some Shamans, from his like ‘hometown,’ and he believes in some spiritual help from them,” Prochazka said. “I believe too, but I believe in the best performance, in the human performance right here right now, without no magic. And let’s see if Alex still be work like that, because it’s working.

In a recent interview with The Mac Life, Dana was asked about Prochazka’s accusations and he simply laughed them off.

“I love that s*** though. When Jiří found out about the fight, apparently he goes into a shed for three days. No water, no food, no nothing,” White said of Procházka. “Prays, meditates, whatever he does. His coach went and banged on the door, told him this fight was available, and he said something to the effect of ‘If this is what the universe wants’. So he’s that dude!

“So he sees him doing the Shaman stuff…witchcraft, black magic, it’s just another reason that this fight is so f***ing awesome. This is real, this isn’t fabricated bulls*** when someone wants to come out with a gimmicky wrestling-type thing. This is who these two guys really f***ing are, man, this is what makes people really love [the UFC]. You know when someone is authentic, as opposed to some bulls*** f***ing wrestling s***.”

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