Colby Covington Speaks On Conor McGregor Wanting To Be President of Ireland

Colby Covington, Conor McGregor, UFC

Colby Covington has publicly endorsed Conor McGregor for the role of President of Ireland.

In a recent social media post, ‘The Notorious’ publicly shared his ambition to become the President of his beloved country.

“I’d just be happy with absolute transparency and consultation to the public,” McGregor said in a tweet. “Currently there is none. Not an iota. False promises come around the time of election and then it is straight ignorance into the face thereafter. It’s disgusting. Even opposition politics seems to me more about the attempt to gain power vs seeking change. If those currently in power agreed to usher in all opposition stances on change it wouldn’t even be enough. It’s power/greed, the aim.

“A true democracy!… This is why I’d run if I was to. To be a voice of the people that deserve to be heard. The President of Ireland is in a unique position to other countries but it would demand a response to questioning. Dialect would be so good for us in the public. Our people feel ignored. Unheard. Until of course election time. Then the waffle begins.”

Adding to the buzz, ‘Chaos’ expressed support for the Irishman, believing he’d be a great fit for the role.

“Yeah I think Conor would be a great leader, he has a lot of those leadership, world championship qualities, and he believes in freedom, which is most important,” Covington said in an interview with Mirror Fighting. “I respect Conor so much because he cares about his people and how much he wants freedom for his people. He doesn’t want to see his people killed in the streets and the streets of Ireland being burned. So, I sympathize with Conor and I think he would be a great leader over there. The guy is already a world-class fighter, one of the best fighters we’ve seen in the sport, the biggest fighter for sure the sport has ever seen. I think he would do great things in politics in Ireland.”

McGregor plans to make a comeback to the Octagon next year following a leg injury in the bout against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. Meanwhile, Covington is gearing up for a showdown against Leon Edwards at UFC 296, with the welterweight title on the line.

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