Colby Covington Responds To Dana White Calling Him ‘Slow and Old’

Leon Edwards and Colby Covington

Colby Covington has issued a response to Dana White’s recent comments on the American welterweight being ‘old and slow’.

‘Chaos’ made his return to the Octagon after nearly two years to face welterweight champion Leon Edwards at UFC 296, where ‘Rocky’ emerged victorious by a unanimous decision. In the post-fight press conference, Dana gave his thoughts on the fight by saying that Covington looked ‘slow and old’.

“My take on it is when you’re 35 years old or any age in this sport and you’re like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to wait,’ waiting is never a good idea in this sport,’ Dana said. “This sport doesn’t wait for anybody. He looked slow tonight. He got out-wrestled. Leon looked good, Leon looked fast. Looked like (Colby Covington) had trouble dealing with his speed and then getting out-wrestled too. Not to mention Leon absolutely destroyed that leg too. Colby just looked slow and old tonight, in my opinion. I think everybody felt the same way. I mean, he got out-wrestled by Leon tonight.”

During a recent interview with Submission Radio, Covington was asked about Dana’s comments and he responded by saying that a foot injury was the culprit behind his slow performance.

“I haven’t been able to be in touch with him (White),” Covington said. “I’m in touch with Hunter Campbell and they’re aware of what’s going on. The UFC is aware of my foot and giving me the best care possible. They’re aware what’s going on now with the facts, I was on a broken foot the whole fight. It is what it is. I like my boss giving me hard, rough criticism, because it makes me want to work harder and prove them wrong. But I respect Dana’s opinion. He’s done great things. He’s changed my life… I have no bad things to say about Dana.”

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